The industry’s first Continuous Adversary Risk Mitigation Platform powered by a Simulated Adversarial Intelligence Reasoning Agent (SAIRA)


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The first AI reasoning agent that thinks and acts like a threat within the Frenos platform


  • Unlock the Power of a Digital Attack Map: The Frenos Platform creates a digital representation of your network to simulate attack scenarios without impacting live systems 

  • Eliminate The Most Probable Attack Paths: With the help of SAIRA, The Frenos Platform identifies and prioritizes the most likely attack paths into your critical networks

  • Continuously Adapts: The Frenos Platform is continuously updated with exploit and adversary intelligence along with updates from your internal security controls

  • Prioritize Your Mitigations: The Frenos platform delivers actionable mitigations for specific attack steps resulting in the most optimal use of your cybersecurity time, money, and resources